Senior Engineer

Job description

You will be responsible for:

  • Delivering high quality software as specified in the team’s backlog, working collaboratively with the rest of the team. As a senior developer you will be held to higher standards than more junior team members.
  • Promoting quality, maintainability, productivity and pragmatism within the software development team, for example, by providing clear, constructive reviews of other team members’ code, or proposing changes to development practices.
  • Informally mentoring and coaching more junior team members.
  • Occasionally supporting non-development activities, for example recruitment, developing technical strategy and evaluating third party products.
  • Occasionally representing technical concerns and requirements to senior company management.
  • Continuously learning and developing your own skills.

You will likely also have the following experience:

  • Experience in the technologies we already use, specifically JavaScript (React) and Python.  
  • Exposure to a variety of projects, technologies and programming styles, and a proven ability to learn quickly.
  • Thorough understanding and practical experience of advanced software engineering techniques aimed at promoting quality, maintainability and productivity, for example, refactoring, code review, continuous delivery, automated testing and test driven development.
  • Thorough understanding and practical experience of agile principles, for example implementation of Scrum.
  • Experience working with data pipelines, especially using cloud infrastructure, and devops experience in general would be useful, but is not essential.
  • Experience working in an early stage start-up would be beneficial, but is not required.
  • Relevant academic qualifications are also highly beneficial, but not required.

While we do not require you to have been working as a software engineer for a specific length of time, this is a senior role and we believe that in general there is at least some correlation between tenure and ability to contribute at an advanced level. It’s therefore unlikely that you will have reached the level we’re looking for in only a few years.

Job requirements

  • 3y+ experience in a directly relevant / similar senior role (full-stack engineering)
  • Experience shipping greenfield products and involvement in end-to-end product lifecycle
  • Commercially aware and product-minded
  • Experience with Python and JavaScript (React)
  • Experience with Scrum/Agile
  • Strong communication and English skills