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Senior Product Manager
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Don't see the right role for you? Fear not, we're always looking for smart people to join the Plural family. Email with your CV and/or profile.

About us

We’re an early-stage, VC-backed start-up tackling ambitious, complex problems at the core of modern work.

We aim to redefine the way people search, interact, and manipulate data at scale. We want to set the standard in knowledge work augmentation and workflow automation.

You’ll get to work with some of the most innovative technologies out there, including knowledge graphs, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Watch our Entrepreneur First Demo Day pitch here.

Our mission

We help finance professionals smartly automate their workflow and make quicker, better investment decisions. Our users spend a lot of time researching companies and industries online. This is currently a highly manual and inefficient process, because the data is dispersed, messy, and unstructured.

You will be joining Plural at an exciting time, as we embark on the development of a new suite of tools for the finance industry, having already seen considerable interest from the market.

You will be instrumental in shaping the technical direction of the company and building a world-class development team.

Some of the technical challenges which await you:

  • Web-scale NLP pipelines which can examine context and extract meaningful concepts and keywords.
  • Interconnected knowledge graph of companies and people - a searchable map of the corporate landscape.
  • UI and visualization tools to navigate industries and manipulate company data.

For instance, we have already implemented a highly effective deep learning model to extract key concepts, such as products and services from a company’s website. This was achieved using a custom, labelled dataset to build and train a deep learning, sequence-tagging model in Tensorflow that uses text and HTML as inputs. We also use question-answering models to extract other key insights from domain specific text.

Future challenges include not only improving the precision and recall of these models by further leveraging and fine-tuning transformer models, but also running these large models at scale.

We are also building a graph database of companies and concepts with Neo4j. One of our next steps will be to combine graph theory and NLP techniques to build a powerful and flexible search capability for our clients.

Our culture

As a core member of the early team, you will be heavily involved in crafting and developing our culture.

‘Ask more questions’ is our tagline. It is at the heart of our product (we enable our users to ask more questions, and also think of the right questions to ask) and at the heart of our company too. It is at the root of many other well-known principles that we support - from first-principle thinking to ‘strong opinions, weakly held’.

Our other, related founding axiom is ‘look for the desire paths’. We look for the shortcuts, the ways to do things better. Unconstrained by existing preconceptions, we have a healthy disregard for rules, and we don’t hesitate to question and circumvent them if it leads to better outcomes.

What we look for:

  • Raw smarts, love of learning, and intellectual curiosity - which also translates into the ability to get excited and passionate about what we do
  • Ability to execute and get stuff done, particularly with constrained resources - gritty, resourceful, happy to step up and get one's hands dirty
  • Commercial awareness and entrepreneurial mindset - we want people who don't just care about cool tech (although don't get us wrong, our tech is cool :), but also care about the impact of their work on users and the wider business
  • Fundamentally good humans - you need to pass the a-hole test!

Our process

Our process is pretty standard and easy-going - we're primarily assessing your culture fit and your ability to execute in a start-up environment. Steps typically include:

  1. Short intro chat to get a sense of your background and motivations
  2. In-depth technical interview (including a pair programming exercise)
  3. Culture fit interview where we go through your career in more detail
  4. Offer

We are a start-up, and we can move as fast or slow as you want us to. The fastest hire we made took us under a week from start to finish!

Perks and Benefits

Because our team is our biggest asset

  • Competitive salary and options, matched to experience - with a fair, transparent salary policy for everyone
  • Remote working - following the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve embraced the fully-distributed mindset! As a result, you may work from anywhere (provided it’s within a 2h time difference of London)
  • Quarterly team offsites - every three months, the whole team meets for a cool countryside weekend retreat to catch up and hang out
  • Your choice of kit when you join - everything you need to make working from home as comfortable as possible (or we’ll pay for a co-working membership if you prefer)
  • Learning and development allowance (books, training courses, certifications - the world is your oyster)
  • 25 days of holidays + bank holidays
  • Employer-matched pension scheme (8% total contribution)
  • And always open to new ideas!


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